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Two Little Estel Drabbles

Title: In Our Time
Author: Númenora
Pairing/Characters: Estel (Aragorn) and Legolas
Rating: G/PG
Timeline: TA 2934 in Imladris to FA in Minas Tirith.
Warning: AU, Slash, Time-shift, Warm and Fuzzy, Tiny bit of Angst.
Word-count: 400
Disclaimer: Not mine and you know it!
Summary: A brief exploration of Legolas and Aragorn’s relationship.
Challenge: LAS September Challenge ‘Lessons.’ Also posted to 25fluffyfics challenge, ‘Home.’

Legolas kissed Estel’s smooth forehead before brushing his nose against the three-year-old’s, making him giggle.

“Pleasant dreams, Penneth,” he said, pulling the covers up beneath the child’s dimpled chin.

“Layglis, con you learn me to soot arroos like you—huh?” Estel asked.

“Someday when you are older,” Legolas grinned at the adorable pout his answer brought forth. Estel hated waiting for anything.

“When dat be, Layglis?” Estel inquired, pout still in place. “Legolas?” Estel called out again as he stood poised on the archery range, bowstring pulled taut. “How is this—Huh?”

Legolas came up behind the 12-year-old mortal, surveying his stance. “Near perfect, Pen-vuil. Just bring your shoulders back a bit more and place your left foot forward thusly—there. Now, shoot!” The Prince instructed.

The arrow flew as Estel’s fingers released the bowstring, hitting the target near center. “Yay!” He cried out. “Did you see that, Legolas—did you?” Legolas laughed gaily as the young adan put down his bow and threw his arms around him, swinging them bout.

Legolas returned the embrace, laying his head upon the broad shoulders of his beloved. The evening drew nigh and the thunderclouds gathered as the pair held each other tightly while the dull hum of the approaching Uruk-hai grew ever closer to Helm’s Deep.

“Have I ever thanked you for teaching me to savor every moment of life, Aragorn? I have lived a long time, but I never truly appreciated how precious life is until you entered it. I love you so much and no matter what happens today, I will always love you.”

“I will always love you, too, A‘mael—I have done from the first moment I set eyes upon you long ago.” Elessar sat upon the huge bed, his back leaning against the elaborately carved headboard, once dark hair now streaked with gray.

The Consort pulled the covers up beneath the King’s bearded, dimpled chin as he kissed the lined forehead, brushing his nose against the man’s own, making him laugh.

“Your Adar is still coming to visit, love?—how long, will that be?”

“Worry not, Penneth—the time will pass before you know and you will be old enough to hold a bow and shoot arrows.” Legolas informed the child as his blue-green eyes drooped sleepily.

“Pwomise?” He yawned tiredly.

“I promise.” Legolas said to the now slumbering Estel before quietly leaving him to his rest.

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Elven Phrase Glossary:

Penneth – Young one
Pen-vuil – Dear one
Elessar – Aragorn’s name after becoming High King of Gondor (Sindarin, translated as Elfstone)
Adar – Father (formal)


Title: All Too Soon
Author: Númenora
Characters/Pairing: Lord Elrond, 3-yr-old Estel, Elladan, Elrohir and Legolas.
Rating: PG
Genre: Drabble (600 words)
Warnings: AU, Angst, warm and fuzzies, un-betaed.
Disclaimer: Characters are NOT MINE, never will be.
Timeline: TA 2934 in Rivendell.
Feedback: Yes,
Summary: The future looms too near for Lord Elrond. Posted to 25fluffyfics Challenge, ‘Nightmare’ and 10_snuggles Theme 07, ‘Stargazing’ (sorta).

Lord Elrond put aside his quill, placing a sheet of neatly penned numbers atop a stack of others to be added to the household records. Smiling, his eyes alighted upon the figure of 3-year-old Estel, playing on the floor beside the Peredhel’s desk.

As small hands guided a warrior across an unknown field of battle, the Noldo elf’s senses were assaulted by the smell of death and of blood, both man and orc. Standing before him was a tall, bearded young man with blue-green eyes, fighting bravely against three orc beasts; he quickly dispatched two, but the third managed to maneuver beneath his defenses, striking him along his lower back, causing him to stumble and fall. The fell creature grinned ferally as it moved in to deal a death blow.

“Estel!” Elrond cried, knowing in his heart that this was his beloved son lying helpless upon the blood-soaked ground.

‘Estel!’ A familiar voice echoed as the whoosh of an arrow flew past Lord Elrond’s left ear, the cool air caressing his cheek as a blur of green, brown and gold passed before him.

The orc’s grin changed to one of surprise and pain as it fell dead across Estel’s supine, wounded form. Tossing the foul creature aside, Legolas guarded the mortal as identical elves came forward to carry their brother to safety, the battle raging on before the Lord of Imladris as tears streamed down his face.

“Don’t cry, Ada—preese,” a sweet voice pleaded as the cruel images faded to alight once again upon 3-year-old Estel standing next to the aggrieved elf’s knee, his blue-green eyes worried.

“Estel,” the Noldo whispered as he pulled the small being into his arms, his face buried in the child’s neck.

Estel looked up as his brothers hurriedly entered the study, having become alerted to their father’s pained cry.

“Ada,” they said in unison, watching the embracing pair.

“Ada sad, El’dan.” Estel informed them as he rubbed their parent’s trembling shoulders.

The sight was a familiar one for the elder sons, but Elrond had always taken great pains to shield Estel from his disturbing visions before. The Twins moved closer to their father.

“Can we get you anything, Ada?” Elrohir inquired.

Lord Elrond leaned slightly away from Estel, laying his damp cheek against the smaller one, both looking forward to the concerned pair.

“I...I—” Elrond could not form his words, the images still fresh and frightening.

Then Estel spoke, “Orb tea.” He remembered the times when he was sad or his tummy ached and his ada would give him herb tea—mint tea—to soothe him. “Ada will haav min tea...and a piece of chocolate.” Chocolate was good for every ill in Estel’s opinion.

The Twins smiled at the human boy’s serious face. “Does mint tea and chocolate sound good to you, too, Ada?” Elladan asked.

Lord Elrond grinned through his tears, “Nay, Ion-nin; some mint tea and two pieces of chocolate!” He pulled the boy closer still as his other beloved sons moved to do the Lord’s and Estel’s bidding.

“You feel bettah now, Ada?”

“Yes, Pen-vuil,” he said aloud. Then, beneath his breath, he finished, “for now.” He knew all too well that the vision would someday come true; but then he was heartened with the knowledge that Legolas and his elder ionnath will be there to keep the younger safe so that he can someday fulfill his destiny.

The door to the study opened as the Twins returned carrying trays loaded with mint tea and chocolate, enough to bring smiles and banish disturbing visions—at least for another day.

Elven Phrase Glossary:

Peredhel’s– Half-elf or Half-elven (singular)
Noldo – Singular of Noldor high race of Elves
Ada – Daddy (familiar form of Adar/Father)
Pen-vuil – Dear One
Ionnath – Sons (family)

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